Happy 1/2 Birthday!

8:00 AM

Mmm...Sweet Potatoes!
Isn't refreshing how God gives us joy, even when we are in a time of sorrow? It's been a tough week for our family with the passing of Drew's grandfather, but we have so much to be thankful for right in front of our face. One of those joys is Libby and she turned six-months-old this week. I was warned how quickly time would fly once she was born and it did. She is growing and changing so much, she hardly seems like a little baby these days. She was promoted to the Babies II class at daycare, she is eating solids, grabbing EVERYTHING (and sticking it in her mouth) and she is even practicing standing, with mommy or daddy's help, of course. She's a one woman show, that's for sure! She's a hot mess and we love her so much!

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