27 years later...

7:00 PM

Take a look at these two babies...
You probably recognized Libby, but who is the other fabulous (and extremely happy) baby? Why that's me, of course! If you take a closer look at the pictures, you might notice the sweet, yellow dress in both pictures is the same. My mother dressed me in it for my one-year panel pictures. I thought it was so meaningful and sweet to do the same for Libby, so she wore it for her nine-month panel pictures. The dress is in great condition, considering it's been around 27+ years. Maybe Libby will save it for her daughter to wear!(?)

Baby Mommy Baby Libby

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  1. How sweet! Especially to see the "Baby Mama" in the same dress!

  2. Adorable! Mom and I went through some of my old clothes the other day. I can't wait to let Baby Elsie wear some of the same dresses that I wore!


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