12:00 AM

Guess who I met last week? No, not Miley Cyrus! I met six-week-old Eli Haber, duh! He and his mommy were in town visiting. Mandy and I worked out a plan to meet up. After Libby and I walked at the park Tuesday night, we swung by the softball fields (where Mandy and Eli were watching her niece play ball). I got to hold him, smell him (oh, you know you'd do it, too!) and take a few pictures. Our visit was cut short by some electrical issues. A transformer blew and caught a set of power lines on fire, so we quickly ran with the babies to safety. After a few minutes of hanging out far away from the lines, we were told that the fire department was coming. So we promptly traded babies and made our way to our cars.

Hopefully our next visit will be far less eventful!

Little Eli being sweet

Mandy and Libby

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