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Sadly, I post that our beloved "Big Sid" Cooper passed away today. His battle is over, his pain is no more, he is with our Lord and Savior today. As you may have read in an earlier post, Sidney was suffering the effects of an agressive disease, ALS.

Even though we all feared this day would come, I was totally shocked when I recieved a phone call early this morning. I know that it hasn't fully sunk in yet. At this point I am busying myself by taking care of Courtney and her family.

Thanks to so many of you that have been praying for Sidney and his family. Please continue to pray for his family as they try to take in the death of their beloved father and begin the grieving process.

If you'd like to leave a comment or word of encouragment for Coop, please do so. I will be sure she sees them all.

Libby and her buddy, Big Sid

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  1. I didn't get to see him anymore, but I treasure the memories I have of Sidney. He was always so nice and happy with life! I know what a wonderful family man he was and how proud he always was of his children. I love you Cooper family and you have our prayers!!!!

  2. Hey Crimsonette! Thank you for doing this post for the precious Cooper family! Shabooty called me this morning, thank you for keeping me in the loop. Please let me know if I can do anything for the family!

  3. Griff called me yesterday morning with the sad news. We all know as you said that Mr. Sidney is in a much better place and free from all pain and suffering. Nonetheless, saying goodbye is never an easy thing to do. The Coopers are a close loving family and they will help each other get thorugh this. Please let them know that I love them and that they are in my prayers!

  4. My heart breaks for the whole Cooper family. Sid was an amazing man and definitely one in a million!!! I will continue to pray for strength for Becky and the whole Cooper clan during this difficult time in their lives!!! Love ya, Coop!!!!


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