Sweat Equity

8:15 AM

If I could post of picture to help me illustrate just how hot it's been around here the past few weeks, I would. But most of you are probably experiencing it yourselves, so pictures aren't necessary. I'm surprised after living in the South for 29 years, I'm still taken back by the heat. I guess you never get used to some things.

We had a good weekend. Friday night Drew, Libby and I went to eat at our favorite pizza joint, The Upper Krust. It's locally owned and family-friendly, which is good for dining with a one-year-old. We realized this trip that we are quickly approaching the end of quiet, family dinners. Normally we can entertain Libby until the food comes. Not the case Friday night. She wanted to be anywhere but her high chair. We had to take turns walking her around the restaurant to let her explore. She talked shouted ("ya ya ya", "ma ma ma") the whole time we were eating. She wasn't screaming or throwing a tantrum, but we were worn out by the time we got our to-go box. I guess we'll see the inside of a sit down restaurant again when she's three or four!

Saturday morning Coop treated me to a birthday pedicure - it was a month late, but I was excited, none-the-less! It was nice to have some friend time and just be still for an hour. Saturday afternoon our Sunday School class had a swimming party at our teachers', The Thornton's, house. It was hot, but we splashed around the pool to cool off.

Libby and Lily playing inside after we gave up being outside in the heat!

Saturday night Drew kept Libby and let me go eat dinner for our friend Amanda's 23rd birthday. Happy Birthday, Anonda Flash dance Norris!

Jennifer and me with the birthday girl.

Cory, Jennifer, Bent, Kaley and me

Sunday after church we had lunch with Drew's grandmother, Mot, to celebrate her birthday. She's such a sweet woman and she loves, loves, loves her great granddaughter so much!

Now it's back to the work week. Libby had her last panel portraits made this morning. I'm hopeful they will be precious so we can wrap up the year of running back and forth to the photography studio...and giving them all of our money!

We're headed to Apalachicola, FL this Thursday to celebrate the Fourth. I'm excited to get out of town, but know that it's going to be hot, hot, hot! I'm sure Libby will make the best of it!

Have a great week!

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