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9:45 AM

I'm home from a conference in Montgomery. I had a good time (yes fun at a work-related conference) and enjoyed my stay in the Renaissance Hotel, but was happy to return home to my precious baby and my sweet husband. {Who did a great job of being a single dad while I was out of town.}

Before I headed out-of-town Monday morning, we packed in a busy weekend. Saturday morning we went to Brandt Blain's birthday party. Libby slipped, slid and played hard. She fell asleep on the way home, always a good indicator that fun was had!

Wheee, down the slide!

Aunt Coop feeding Libby cake


Ansley and Grady Flournoy putting away some cake!

Saturday night we took my dad, Papa, out to dinner for Father's Day. We enjoyed our meal at the new Houlihan's restaurant and had a nice time with my parents. Libby cruised the hotel lobby and made friends with our waitress.

Sunday morning we went to church then headed out to the farm to have lunch with the Parkman clan. Libby enjoyed spending time with her Da Da {short for David}.

After her nap we hit the pool with all of the Coopers. Libby and Jackson splashed around together. Libby looks so growny next to Jackson - how time flies. We enjoyed spending the afternoon at the pool!

We had a fun weekend, good thing we have the week days to rest up!

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