Baby Love

3:00 PM

I wanted to share a few more pictures from this weekend. Libby and Jackson (Cory and Jennifer Cooper's 6-month-old little boy) had fun hanging out together. Courtney and Jennifer took these precious pictures Saturday afternoon. Think of all the fun they will have in the years to come.

Jackson and Libby

I think he's flirting with her!

What a happy boy!

On a totally unrelated topic...

I have another friend to feature on the blog. Kaley and I both grew up spending lots of time around the Cooper household. I hung out with Courtney and she hung out with Courtney's little sister, Cassie. We've had a lot of laughs over the years and we've covered thousands of miles tagging along with the Coopers.

She asked me a few weeks ago, "So what do I have to do to get on your blog?" Well, Kaley, your day has come!

You might remember me telling you about Coop's "Homemade from the Heart" cakes. If not, you can catch up here.

Kaley had been reminding Coop that she'd never had a cake make just for her. So Coop surprised her this weekend with her very own cake. Kaley was very excited! (Even though it was almost 2 months after her actual birthday!)

Coop and Kaley with the long awaited for cake.

Happy Birthday, Kaley. Congratulations on finally getting your own cake!

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  1. ♥Baby Love♥ - so cute! Those were GREAT pictures... and the RNSP?! We need to go back up to the river soon! It was a GRAND time!

  2. What a cute post! Libby is too cute and I want to eat Jackson up! They will have a great time together! Glad to be back in the world of blogs!


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