Chores and John Deere Green

10:00 AM

We stayed busy around the house this weekend. Drew was away for four days last week at a conference in Omaha, NE and boy did we miss having him around the house. He returned home safely and we had a long "to do" list to knock out this weekend.

Friday night Drew cut the grass in our back yard. We'd all been outside playing until he cranked up the lawn mower. Libby and I came in to grab a drink and play inside while he cut the grass.

Obviously, Libby missed him terribly. She stood at the window and watched him the entire time. Every row, back and forth, she followed him.
I think she wanted to be out there with him. What do you think?
"There's Daddy!"

What a sweet girl. She loves her daddy, no doubt about it.

As soon as he finished I took her outside and let her take a turn on mower. I think she's gonna do just fine as daddy's girl!

Yep, she really loves the green and yellow mower, tasty!

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  1. This is too cute. I love how she is so intent on making sure she knows just where her Daddy is. I also love the pineapple onesie and her "matching" hair do!


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