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I must confess, Drew and I are both using Libby for our own good. We both try to brainwash and trick her. Don't all parents do this? Wait...allow me to explain. All the mind games are in the name of SEC football. That makes it okay, right?

Drew pulls for Auburn, I pull for Alabama. We've played nicely over the years and we've agreed to disagree. But now we have Libby and we both say out loud, "It's okay, she doesn't have to choose." But we're really thinking, "She's going to cheer for my team!"

Poor, confused Libby.

Here she is wearing her Daddy's Auburn hat. She's cute, so I took her picture.
But don't think I didn't rally back in a big way.
One for the Crimson Tide!

Isn't she precious? My co-worker, Saundra, found this adorable dress for Libby. I just love it!
Wish me us luck on finding the right team for her! So far both teams are having great seasons. However, I have a feeling this could be a life-long battle between me and Drew. May the best team win!

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  1. Roll Tide Libby! I will be a corrupting influence for Bama! Super cute dress!

  2. Rooooooolll Tide!!

    When Taylor was 2, we'd ask him what all of his animals said respectively and when we got to an elephant he'd say "Roll Tide!" You should secretly start teaching her that and surprise Drew!

    Love the dress!!

  3. I can NOT believe you would put your child in something that ugly! War Eagle sweet Libby!

  4. I'm really hoping Drew wins this one! ;)


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