Cold Play

11:00 AM

It has been very cold 'round these parts for the last few weeks. Thankfully the forecast calls for temps out of the 30's and we've heard promises of milder days to come. However, the freezing temperatures didn't slow Libby down. She needed to play and play now! So I bundled her up as best I could and let her loose.

This cute little camo jacket was a gift from Uncle Doug and Aunt Tina.

Libby finally figured out how to press to the gas pedal on her Gator. Before that we had to take turns pushing her around the yard. However, she does still require close monitoring because she could care less about turning - or even touching - the steering wheel. She's just happy to be riding!

I just love this picture. If it wasn't for Libby's bright face and pick toboggan, she and her Da Da might have blended into the trees.

I hope you get out and play this weekend!

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  1. Seriously, your child cannot get any cuter! She looked so cute riding around on her Gator!


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