Drew's Best Bud

9:50 AM

I had my first photo shoot request. No, I didn't get paid and yes, it was for my husband, but I was happy to be asked. Drew requested that I meet him at the farm a few weeks ago and get some shots of him and Uchee, his faithful hunting dog. I enjoyed watching them do their hunting "thing" and seeing the sweet bond they share. Uchee is 10-and-half-years-old. As he's aged, he's put on some weight and gotten lots of white fur around his face. But that doesn't slow him down - he still loves to run, hunt and track down birds.

Waiting on the birds

Off to retrieve a bird.

I really like this series of pictures. Watch Uchee in action...

Drew & Uchee*

I snapped this shot a few hours later back at the house. I think he was pretty worn out from the day's activities.

*Uchee is named after the Big Uchee Creek that run along Arrowhead Farm.

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  1. Great shots Beth! Looks like you're really getting the hang of the new camera!


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