Winter Getaway

12:00 PM

I told you in a post last week that Drew and I had a quick trip planned to the beach. We went and made it home safely. It was nice to be out of town and do something different. We admitted we were weak because we referred to Libby and all the cute things she does at least five times-a-day. To be fair, she is our main source of entertainment. We aren't used to just sitting still, sleeping in and doing whatever we want. Our parents each took a night keeping her, so I'm confident Libby wasn't wondering what we were doing, she was too busy ruling the roost at the Parkman's and the Raiford's.

It rained the the entire drive down to Florida and was pretty chilly. It was suppose to be dry and warmer Sunday. It didn't rain, but it was windy and cold. Not even the Canadians ventured out in these winds. Check out these waves.

Good thing Sunday was our shopping day! I'm proud to say that we did our part to boost the economy in the city of Destin. You're welcome.

Libby scored a few things. Since she just had a very fruitful Christmas, I only picked up things for her that were super deals - like these little rugby sweaters, $4.99 each.

Drew racked up as well. He bought lots of lures and fishing things (?) at Bass Pro Shop and Half Hitch Tackle. He also purchased some new sunglasses with his Christmas money.

I picked up a few clothing items throughout the day, but my main purchase was this lovely purse! She's such a beauty! I've been looking for several months for just the right bag and I am so happy I finally found it.

And just when I thought I was finished shopping, I found this cute bag. I almost didn't get it since I'd just purchase the other bag, but it was a great deal and will be cute to wear this summer. Did I mention that I love spending Christmas money? Well, I do.

We enjoyed the rest of our trip. We ate at The Back Porch and enjoyed having no agenda. It was picture perfect weather Monday, so I walked a few miles on the beach before we packed up and headed home. Being on the coast really made me anxious for spring. I can't wait to do it again, with Libby in tow, and hit the beach and enjoy playing in the sand! Just a few more months and we can plan our next trip!

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  1. A few points to make:
    a) EC and I should be invited to your next trip - we like playing in the sand too! :-)
    b) coach and dooney and bourke...where do you get your Christmas money...geez?
    c) when you are finished with the above mentioned purses, please give to a very worthy cause ( Thanks! :-)

  2. Lacey, we need to cook up a trip to the beach, don't we? And as far as the purses - all I can say is that I was a very savy shopper. I can't reveal all of my secrets, but I was even impressed with some of my purchases! Go discounts!

  3. Sounds like y'all had a great time. Love the Dooney bag- cute!
    By the way- I finally figured out that fonts. Thanks for the site!


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