Party Time

8:00 AM

We had a good weekend, busy, but filled with cuteness from the Queen. We gave two thumbs up for the warm weather and we hit two birthday parties. There was much to celebrate - Allie turned three and Jackson turned one. Let the good times roll!

Our first party, for Miss Allie, called for a princess attire. Thanks to a sweet friend, we had a the cutest princess paraphernalia a toddler could ask for. Libby dressed up like Princess Jasmine from Aladdin. Who knew a 22-month-old could be so darn cute in a purple, sequined jump suit?

Little Princesses: Libby, Mia and the birthday girl, Allie

Libby really enjoyed her first carousel ride...

...that is until the ride stopped. That made her very mad!

But she quickly recovered when we told her she could ride this:

One party down, one to go. Jackson had lots of toys set up in his back yard for all of his friends to play. Libby had a blast and spent most of her time in the ball pit.

I told you she liked it! The picture above she's playing with baby Hudson. Below she is hanging out with Jackson.

We got to visit with lots of friends

If the icing is any indicator, then Jackson had a great first birthday!

Happy Birthday, Allie and Jackson! Libby had lots of fun at your parties.

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  1. That princess party was too cute/ Libby made an adorable princess :) I laughed out loud at the picture of her crying when the carousel stopped. Lilly did the same thing :)

  2. P.S. Whale of a Sale is Jill- I am too lazy to switch e-mails :)


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