Easter Happenings - Part 2

5:00 PM

Our weekend of fun continued Saturday morning. We went to an Easter Egg Hunt hosted at our church. Before the hunt kicked off, the kids got to play on inflatables. They had a small bouncy house for the preschoolers and Libby thoroughly enjoyed herself!

Then it was on to the big egg hunt. She liked searching for eggs, but was more interested in shaking them to make sure each one had candy. Even at her age, she knows the importance of good candy!

On to Easter morning. We got up early to get ready for church and Libby discovered her goodies from the Easter Bunny.

She liked the books and DVDs well enough, but she tossed them all to the side to get to the chocolate. Did I mention it was too early for chocolate?

After I pried the Reese's cups from her tiny grip, we got cleaned up and ready for Easter Sunday. She looked so pretty! I was a proud mommy.

Libby and Daddy

Libby thinks you can never be too dressed up to hug your favorite dog. Oh well!

Friends from church

Holly, Coop, Beth H. and me

After lunch and a nap at the farm, Libby was ready for more fun. We traveled to Libby's Great Grandmother Sara's house where she got to hunt for eggs AGAIN.

Her buddy, Hunter, was in town from Baltimore. She enjoyed hanging out with him.

I found this pile of eggs in the yard and it made me laugh. It reminded me as much fun as our busy Easter weekend was, it had to come to an end. I hope you enjoyed your holiday as much as we did.

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  1. So, the picture of Libby "on the hunt" with her bucket is one of my favorites! Baby Gap needs to see this cutie!

  2. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE her Easter Dress!BEATUIFUL dress for a BEAUTIFUL little girl!!!!

  3. Libby is just adorable...I love her cheeks and her little lips... really cute!


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