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8:00 AM

Last weekend we made another trip to Florida. This trip catered more to those who like to fish...mainly my husband. He's been a good sport and been to the beach twice with us in the last couple of months, so he was due this trip.

We traveled to Apalachicola, FL Friday evening. You might remember our trip from last year. We went back to the same place, in fact, Drew's been going for over 20 years to the same fish camp. He loves this place.

Thankfully there was no oil, but it was breezy several days. The windy conditions wasn't ideal for fishing, but it was nice to enjoy on the boat. When the boys weren't fishing, Drew took me and Libby out for a few adventures.

The first was letting Libby "fish".

She wasn't the least bit bothered that she didn't catch a fish. She told me, "I caught a flower." Precious!

Libby was on the fence about riding in the boat. Though she didn't cry or seem frightened, she made she sure she sat in my lap and didn't move an inch when the boat was running. Right before Drew snapped this picture I had asked her, "Can you see? Are you comfortable?" She said, "No move, momma!" I don't think she could see a thing, but she was brave, that's for sure.

The other adventure was taking a trip to a sand flat up the river that was very similar to a beach. It was such a hit that we went there two days in a row.

We found a spot we liked and put out the anchor. This picture is very Pirates of the Caribbean.

Libby loved drawing in the sand.

Though she did take breaks to wave to the passing boats!

She really enjoyed swimming and I think she would have waded out to the middle if we hadn't insisted that she hold on to one of us at all times.

The guys took a few trips by themselves to do some serious fishing (*snicker*) so us girls entertained ourselves. My mother-in-law remembered a cute ice cream parlor in downtown Apalach...yum!

We also had fun feeding the local squirrels. This little bugger loved goldfish (graham flavored) and would eat treats right out of your hand. Cool!

I was a good trip, they seem to go by too quickly. Now that we're settled again, I'm taking a group of students from the college to a state-wide conference this week - pray for me! I always enjoy myself, but of course I hate to leave Drew and Libby behind.

Have a good week!

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  1. You're brave- good luck with all the students!

  2. Drew is such a sweet daddy! And of course you are an awesome Mommy!!


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