Student Leadership Institute

8:00 AM

I told you last week that I was headed out of town with a group of students from the college. I'm happy to report that we survived! It was a long three days, but we didn't lose anyone and the kids did a good job of keeping me entertained.

Each year the location of the conference changes. This year it was held at Lake Guntersville State Park. This was my first time to the Guntersville area and it was very pretty!

I was told the lodge where we stayed has recently been renovated. It was really nice, lots of big windows to enjoy the views.

There was lots of room to roam and our kids did just that.

All of our rooms were connected by this rock wall. It quickly became their preferred method of travel from room-to-room.

I found that if I got up early, I got to enjoy "me" time. The view from my porch. - very serene and quiet at 8 am!

The final night of the conference there was a dance. This year's dance was themed, "Go Green". This is the whole group before dinner.

And a few more of my Ambassadors. Cute, huh?

We arrived home Friday evening and boy was I glad to be off the bus and not having to answer a thousand drama-filled questions! (When are we going to eat? I'm starving! I'm hot! I'm cold! When are we going to eat? My ipod is dying. Do you care if I wear shorts? When are we going to eat?)

Needless to say I was very happy to hug Drew and Libby and just be in charge of one child!

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  1. That place looks very nice. The students are really cute!


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