11:13 AM

Talk about a crazy weekend. No, really, I had one!

We traveled with a group of friends and their kids to the beach. It was lots of craziness and lots of fun! I'll tell you more about that in a later post. First I must tell you what added the "crazy" to the weekend. Saturday afternoon I got a phone call from my mom. As soon as she started talking, I knew something was wrong. She was calling to tell me dad had been admitted to the hospital with chest pains and heart attack symptoms.

Stomach drops. Heart pounds. Enter worry and fear.

In a matter of hours he had gone to the ER, been transported by ambulance to another hospital, had surgery to have a stint placed and was in recovery.

The rest of the weekend was a blur. I dropped Libby off with my sister-in-law as soon as we got back to town and was finally able to get to the hospital. I am so thankful to report that my dad is doing very well. He was up talking, even got out of the bed during my visit yesterday -- not too bad for a patient in CCU.

He was moved to a regular room today and we hope that he'll be home very, very soon. A scare like this stops you in your tracks and makes you want to grab everyone you love and hug them tight!

Please pray that he'll make a full recovery. Of course no one wants illness to attack their family, but I am so grateful that things worked out the way they have. Even during this scary time, I know God has protected my father!

Love you, Papa! Get well VERY soon!

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  1. Praying for a fast recovery for your dad!

  2. Praying for healing and strength for your dad!

  3. I cried. I know how you must have felt getting that phone call. I have lived that moment, how scary!! So so so glad your Dad is doing well and I will keep you and your Dad in my prayers! God is good!

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  5. Good point, though sometimes it's hard to arrive to definite conclusions

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