Indian Summer

10:00 AM

Can you believe it? We snuck back to the beach again! Look at the these happy girls!

Libby and I went with a group of friends and their kids. There were 12 of us total. And we had a great time (except for a few scares issues by my parents!) The weather was plenty hot and Libby had so much fun playing with all the other kids. She was in Heaven.

Here's a group shot of all the children: Reagan, Libby, J.J, Riley, Allie and Madison. The older kids were so good to Libby and Allie. Swimming, playing, building sand castles - they did it all.

We spent late Saturday afternoon up until sun set on the beach. Certainly one of the prettiest times of day to be on the beach. It's like God's showing off. Deep reds and oranges, beautiful blue waters and everything has a glow.

And here's one more group shot -- the grown ups! Each of them were so sweet to me as I was dealing with the news of my dad being sick. They were caring and positive in between phone calls from my mom. Thanks, girls!

And to update you on my Dad. He was released from the hospital Tuesday afternoon. He looks great and says he's feeling pretty good, too. He will have to go back and have another stent placed next week. So I'll ask that you continue to pray for him. He's been a trooper, as has my mom. We're all ready to have him "patched up" and healed as soon as possible.

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  1. Your pictures make me long for the beach. We were supposed to go this weekend, but our trip has been cancelled:(
    Libby looks like a porcelin (sp?) doll in the pic of her by the water holding the sand. Such a cutie!
    Glad to hear your dad is feeling better. We'll continue to pray for him.

  2. Yes, I'm commenting on my own blog post, but please look at the water picture of the four girls holding hands facing the water. It really was that clear and beautiful!

    Britt, I'm so sorry you can't go, sad! You might be glad to know that I'm going to the Auburn game this weekend. I'll be the one in neutral colors! ;)


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