Halloween is Here!

9:42 AM

It's that time of year again. The time when moms across the country scratch their head and wonder what strange character they'll dress their kids as. I must admit, I was not very motivated this year. We have A LOT going on in our lives right now, and finding "the perfect costume" was not at the top of our list. But thanks to some good ideas from friends (Ebay) and a quick mail time, we were covered!

Our church had their annual harvest festival last night. It was actually hot (where oh where is our fall weather?) but none of the kids seemed to mind.

I'm proud to present to you...Cowgirl Libby!

Yee haw!

We saw lots of friends and everyone looked so cute!

Cousin Cayden and Libby

Libby with Kayley and Allie

It was a great start to the holiday weekend! We have more Halloween fun on the agenda, can't wait!

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