Rosemary Beach

12:00 PM

Last weekend my friend, Kathryn, and I snuck away from reality and had a girls' weekend in Rosemary Beach, FL.

It was: beautiful, fun, relaxing and much needed.

The reason for the trip was to attend our friend and sorority sister, LeeAnn's, wedding. (More on that later) So of course we had to take Friday off and we had to spend half a day shopping at Silver Sands Outlet Mall. Oh and we had to eat at Wild Olives for dinner and drink some wine. I mean, it was for LeeAnn, you know?

Saturday morning we were up semi-early - mostly thanks to me and my lack of being able to sleep late since having a child two years ago. So we ventured out on foot to check out Rosemary Beach. Wow, everything was beautiful!

We had a picnic on the grassy area behind this sign later that afternoon.

After exploring the area, we went back to our condo to throw on swimsuits and spent most of the day on the beach. It was so nice. Warm enough to work on our tans, but not too hot at all. We took two long walks on the beach and enjoyed the picture-perfect water.

During one of our walks I thought I heard someone say, "Beth...?!" I turned around and it was one of our other sorority sisters, Brooke Bendall Burgess, that we haven't seen in years. She was vacationing with a group of friends and family. We got to catch up with her and once again were reminded that no matter how big this world is, it's still small at times!

We finally drug ourselves off the beach to get ready for the big event. It was so fabulous that I'm going to dedicate a post just to the wedding.

Be back soon with those details.

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  1. I want to go back! It was such a fabulous mini getaway! Thanks for a great weekend Beth!


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