Breakfast with Santa

3:00 PM

Saturday morning we were up early so we could meet Santa. A group of friends host an annual Breakfast with Santa and I was so excited when I received the invitation. Her first meeting with Santa Claus!

She was quite cute (if her mother can brag for a moment)! I tried to snap a few shots before we headed out to the party, but she was too busy talking to pose for pictures.

When we arrived, she was Miss Social. Hugging her friends and posing for pictures.

Allie, Connor and Libby

But all that changed once the big man arrived! She was okay with him being in the house, but NOT okay with getting close to him.

In this shot she was breaking away from me and getting FAR AWAY from St. Nick. I can't say I was surprised, she never promised they would be friends.

So, I visited with Santa on Libby's behalf. I tried my best to relay her wish list. And great news, her name was on his "nice" list.

She emerged from the play room when he left. I think she was just happy he was out of the house!

Maybe next year, maybe next year...

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  1. SO cute!! Yes, maybe next year for Libby & Blayd ;)


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