Happy New Year!

2:21 PM

Happy New Year! I hope your first few days of 2011 are off to a good start. We're still in vacation mode, but we've enjoyed the weekend. We ate black eyed peas and greens with my in-laws, so if luck and superstition has anything to do with the coming year, then we're covered.

We brought in the new year with our friends and family at the annual Tater House (yes, that's its official name) New Year's Eve party. We visited with friends and danced into the midnight hour with the Tag Williams Band.

And since most people make resolutions, I'll throw some of mine out there, too.

1. Get back to my exercise routine. I did really well last year...until the cold weather hit. So I vow to get back to walking or jogging at least three times a week.
2. Show kindness more often. It's easy to get comfortable and say what I want without thinking. So I'm going to try my best to be supportive and less critical. And I am going to use loooong pauses with Libby when she tests my patience. We'll just see how long this resolution last.
3. Take time to enjoy life. Libby is growing too fast. So I plan to snuggle with her, take more family trips, soak in the good times and worry less about the bad stuff.

4. Read the entire Bible. I've read and studied lots of passages in the Bible, but I can't say that I've ever read the whole thing - and I think that's a shame. So, I am going to do some research and figure out the best method of reading the entire Bible. (If you have any tips or suggestions, I'll be happy to hear them.)

What resolutions are you making?

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  1. Beth - I think you should get one of those "daily read through the Bible" books or Bibles (they have some setup that way). For me, I find that I DO NOT need to read the Bible unattended, that is, without at least a slice of guidance/background/perspective. When I have done the simple "read through the Bible in a year checklist" thing, I often find myself a bit stressed and going "What the...?" So then I have to look it up ANYWAY and figure out what was going on that caused the author to write such a thing. So, my recommendation is to save yourself the drama and find a good guide. :)

  2. I read the Bible once. I did it as a youth @ CBC, using the "Youth" Bible. It was a version I purchased at the old Mustard Seed store, but I'm sure something similar could be found at one of the newer stores around. Anyway, it was nice because it was seperated by little "true life stories and/or situations" that made it easy to take in small incriments as well as relate to here and now. Good Luck! :)

  3. The Tag Williams Band played at our wedding reception! LOVE them!

    This looks like my kind of New Year's celebration :)

    Good luck with the Bible! Numbers, Lev, Deut, and Kings are not so fascinating... grab a commentary for those or else (if you're like me) you'll have no earthly clue what's going on and why it matters! I think there are some good ones online. My father-in-law is a priest (episcopal) and he suggested a good one. I can't remember the name. Let me know if you want it and I'll find out what it was!

  4. Beth, I challenged the 10th graders to read the Bible in a year with me, and we found a website that laid out plans in different formats; I chose Historically. We found them off of www.intothyword.org. They had alot of different options. You should try that.


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