Boat Ride

11:59 AM

Guess what we had in our yard this week?

Our very own boat!

We normally try to stay away from such southern stereotypes as parking boats in our yard, but sometimes it happens! Drew brought his boat, that normally stays in Apalachicola, up for a winter cleaning and to have some work done on the engine. He went back to Florida this past weekend to return the boat and fish. During the inbetween time she was at our house - and Libby was in heaven!

She spun the "driving wheel", climbed all over the boat, even helped Drew clean the boat. She thought it was the greatest toy! (As does her father.)

Then when Libby couldn't get any more excited, Drew suggested we take the boat for a ride on the Chattahoochee River. Yep, the same one Alan Jackson sings about.

So we loaded up the trailer, boat, life jackets and Libby for an exciting adventure. And boy was it! It happen to be pretty chilly that evening. But you can't tell a boy that loves the water, "no", so off we went.

Did I mention it was kind of cold? Because it was!

Libby was excited about the ride, but whined when Drew went fast and kept telling him to stop. So we went for plan B, a picnic.

And that cheered her right up.

We rode up and down the river until I couldn't stand it any more {because it was freezing!} Drew let me and Libby off at the marina to play while he finished his test run.

I can't wait to ride the boat Apalachicola...where I can trade my jacket and scarf for sunglasses and sunscreen!

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  1. Hi Beth! Thanks for stopping by my blog....and entering my GiVeAwAy!
    Your blog is beautiful! You take such wonderful photos! I thoroughly enjoyed perusing your last 3 or 4 posts. And, yep, I know that old Girl Scout song ....Thanks for getting it in MY head now:(

  2. Hi Beth, I happened upon you blog from Tiffany Yarbrough's blog. I knew Drew as a teenager. It's always fun to happen upon someone's blog that you know or used to know! It's great to see what a beautiful family you have! Libby is an absolute doll.


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