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Good day, bloggers! We're making our way to the weekend and that makes me happy! I told you last week that we had plans for a concert in town. It was a great show and we had so much fun hanging out with our friends!

We met downtown for dinner before the show. We managed to get 17 of us fed and to the concert on time. No small feat! 

I'm so glad we arrived on time, because my new country singer crush, Jerrod Niemann, was the first to perform. He sang his two popular songs, Lover Lover and What do you Want and several cover songs. I really enjoyed his set!

Next up was Darius Rucker. He's just he's so likable. I feel like I know him! Maybe it's because he is Hootie and it takes me back to high school days when he and the Blowfish were all the rage. Darius must have known we were feeling nostalgic and sang several Hootie & the Blowfish hits. He even did a cover of Prince's Purple Rain. So good!

And then it was time for Brad. Isn't he so cute?

And like the other two acts, he did not disappoint! He put on a wonderful show and there we no lulls in the performance. You know, when you are sitting down thinking, "I wish they would stop this 12 minute drum solo and sing a song I know."

We had a great time with great company. It was wonderful to spend time with our friends while our babies were safely tucked someone else's house!

Thanks for a fun evening, friends! We've got to do it again soon!

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