Easter Music

10:09 AM

In honor of Good Friday, I am linking up two of my favorite songs that I think best tell the story of Easter.

It's an understatement when I say that my church is blessed with talented singers. These songs are brought to life each year when members perform them. Part of the excitement of the Easter Sunday service is anticipating these songs. It's almost impossible to hear the words without getting emotional.

The first song is He's Alive, performed by Don Francisco 

The second song is The End of the Beginning, performed by David Phelps

I hope each of you has a wonderful Good Friday and Easter weekend.

He's Alive!

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  1. So funny, as yesterday I was just thinking of He's Alive - it was SO big in the 80s when I was little. Definitely a wonderful classic!!

  2. P.S. Happy Easter to the Parkmans!!


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