I'm back...and the beach

11:43 AM

Thank you everyone for the kind words! I received some great encouragement through comments, e-mails and Facebook. And guess what? Every other mom has the same emotions, fears and concerns. I actually broke down at Bunco last night. Yep, in front of everyone! And you know what? No one thought I was crazy...well, at least they didn't say so! They are a wonderful group of friends and many admitted they feel JUST LIKE ME. I felt so much better letting my feelings out rather than stuffing them down and pretending everything was perfect. I was reminded we are not perfect and we never will be. And I am grateful to be feeling better today.

Now, on a less dramatic note I do want to share a few pictures from our beach adventure last weekend. It was Libby's first trip of the season. She has been asking to go "to da beach" for months and Drew and I were excited to make her wish come true!

It was a quick trip with just the three of us. We spent all day on the beach Saturday playing, walking the beach, letting Libby run wide open and enjoying  the salt life.

We are looking forward to visting again soon when we can stay longer. But this was a nice taste of summer and fun!

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