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7:01 AM

Can you believe I birthed this goggle-wearing toddler? She looks a little strange, don't 'cha think? But she didn't think so, she was so proud of her new goggles!

How was your Mother's Day? Mine was really good. We fit a lot into our weekend and got to spend time with most of our family at one point or another. And that makes me happy!

After church we had lunch with Mimi and Papa. I wanted a picture with the moms and daughters. This is the closest to Libby looking at the camera as we got. However, I am proud of these three generations of of beautiful women!

I love you, Mom! Thanks for all you have done for me. I would type a list, but we both know there's no way to measure everything you've done for me. And I will pay you back by raising my daughter with the love and support that you gave me. Promise!

Sunday afternoon we invited Drew's grandmother, Dad and sister's family over. His mom was supposed to be there sooner, but she was traveling back from the Kentucky Derby. Even though her travels were delayed, she made it in time for dinner. So the whole crew was able to be together after all.

Chef Drew doing his thing on the grill.

Enjoying time with family (and goldfish!)

After dinner, Libby was happy to help distribute presents.

It was such a nice weekend. We know we are blessed with a great families and we are so glad our mommies loved us and raised us to carry on the tradition.

I hope all my mommy friends had a great Mother's Day, as well!

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  1. I'm loving Libby's new "tat." Glad you had a great mother's day!

  2. Yes, Brittaney! Her tatoo is Flounder from The Little Mermaid. She got mad when I suggested we take it off for school this morning!

  3. I love the photo of you, your mom and Libby. It looks almost like Libby was blowing raspberries though haha! Has she done any more exercising lately? Priceless!

  4. Okay - you and your Mom have great skin - tell me your secrets!!


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