Mimi Paints Again

9:29 PM

I showed you some pictures of our house several months ago. I took a picture of this dresser that belonged to my maternal grandmother, Merle.

I used the dresser in college and it's moved with me from my first apartment, to my first house and I'm still using it in our new house. It's a pretty piece of furniture, but the cherry finish didn't match the room at all.

Enter Mimi and her paint brushes.

Finished product.

I love it and once again am amazed at how that woman weilds a paint brush.


Remember I told you about my friend Demetri running the San Pedro Sula Half Marathon? She has officially registered to run later this month and still needs your support. I made my donation online today.

Here's an entertaining video showing how training is going so far...

Good luck Mechie, Ana and Michael!

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  1. I love love love the chest of drawers! Can I hire Mimi? :)

  2. Thanks for the well wishes and your donation Beth! We finished the half-marathon and met our fundraising goal!! Thank you for your support, as always! Love you.


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