Trip to the Theater - Act 1

6:00 AM

Last week I took Libby to her first show. I have intentionally held off on taking her to the movies or live theater because I didn't know if she was ready or could fully grasp what was going on. When I saw an advertisement for Blue's Clues Live in town I thought it would be a great first attempt.

We invited Mimi and a few of our friends to go with us.

When the play started, Libby was mesmerized. Thankfully it was a kid-friendly show with singing, dancing and even bubbles dropping from the ceiling. All the kids could wiggle a little and not be a distraction.

As the show was wrapping up, Libby told me, "I want to hug Plue." I was surprised because she is normally shy around new people...err, dogs.

But she was very serious about her request. She ran to Blue after the show and gave him hugs. I was pleased with her new-found bravery.

 She also wanted to hug Magenta. (For you non-parents, this is Blue's doggy friend.)

She loved the experience and enjoyed her trip to the theater. I'm glad our outing went well. Maybe we'll venture out again.

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  1. Just one step closer in prepping for that future Mommy-Daughter NYC trip! :)

  2. Umm can i barrow that dress from Libby? It's super cute :)

  3. she is too cute! AND how exciting to be able to start taking her to see shows!!

  4. That's so awesome!! Love "plue"


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