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This might might fall into the category of "random", but I'm going with it anyway. We're almost to August and talk of school starting back is all around. However, like my friend Kerri over at Oh Mann! says, Keep Calm and Summer On!

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It's still hot here and we've got lots of time to enjoy our pool and summer on. In fact, Libby, Mimi and I are breaking for the beach next week! Take that, Back to School talk!

Next topic, we have a renter for our house! Drew and I are starting down a path that's new to us - being landlords (prayers/encouraging words are welcome.) I honestly don't know what to expect, so until I know differently, I will be optimistic. Our charming house will be home to a young family relocating from Seattle. Can you imagine the culture shock they will be feeling moving to the deep south? I hope they'll settle in and enjoy the ride.


The next topic is interactive, so get ready to give me some feedback. I've finally turned the corner and decided it's time to take on the task of finding dining room furniture.

Honestly, I've been avoiding it because I don't know where to start. I have no leads on what style I want. Modern? Traditional? Most people keep their dining room set for decades. That's a lot of pressure to find one that I'll enjoy for years.

So I need your input on your favorite stores, websites, antique malls, blogs with great ideas. Lay it on me, I need some inspiration.


Still with me? I hope so. Enjoy your weekend and don't forget to leave some inspiration in the comment section. (You can click the anonymous button if you don't have a Google account.)

Summer On, friends!

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  1. Bless you for joining me in the campaign! Summer on! :) LOL

    On being Landlords, my advice after 10+ years of experience is - hire a property manager. :)

    If you saw my house, you would certainly not want any decorating tips, so best of luck to you - you have talents as do your friends - I know you will keep it classy San Diego!

  2. I would love to summer on, but I have to go back to work next week- boooo! Maybe I should boycott and head to the beach. But I might come back and not have a job:/
    I would go for a traditional dining set. Your dining room looks all nice and formal so a modern set might look odd. Plus, like you said, you keep that stuff for years and you don't want something that'll be out of style in a few years. Just sayin' ;)
    Have fun at the beach!

  3. Do what I do (even though I don't own a home). Get magazines like Southern Living, or the Pottery Barn catalog and tear out pages and design your room before you even have a house...ha!


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