Dirty Bertie

5:45 PM

Hi blog readers! I'm back to reality after a great three-day weekend. We did a lot and a little over the course of the weekend. Tropical Storm Lee made its way to central-Alabama Sunday and dumped rain on us for two days. Normally I might be annoyed with rain dampening (yes, pun intended) a holiday, but it was nice to have an excuse to stick around the house. We played, we cleaned, we laundered, we watched college football and a How I Met Your Mother marathon without the guilt of thinking, "I should be doing something else." It was a nice break.

But, before the rain came, we had some good old country fun. Saturday was opening day of Dove Season. Drew headed to the fields early with his friends and Libby and I joined them later in the day after her nap and a little shopping.

She was ready to show off her new pink boots.

It's so hard to get her to pose...not.

Drew picked us up and took us down to the field where everyone was gathered.

It didn't take long for Libby to join in on the dirt-playing fun.

Libby's teacher used to read a book called Dirty Bertie. Libby often quotes lines from this book, "No Bertie! That's dirty, Bertie!" She was my very own Dirty Bertie.

Extremely dirty Bertie

She couldn't have been more pleased with "petting the birds". Even if you feel the urge, please don't contact PETA.

After everyone got their limit of birds, we came back to the Tater House to eat, watch football and let the kids play.

Before sunset, we rode to a creek on the property and all the kids took a pre-bath before heading home. It was such a fun afternoon. Libby had a great time and Drew and I loved watching her experience so many fun, simple moments!

And I mentioned college football earlier. My team had a good week, Drew's team, well, they squeaked out a win. I can't wait to see how the rest of the season pans out. We made a run to stock up on team wear for Libby. I think after Auburn's performance this weekend, she'll be begging to wear the Alabama shirt to school!  

Off to tackle another busy week. Hope you have a good one, too. 

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  1. Libby's expression holding the bird is priceless.

  2. She is so cute! Love that the kids had such fun playing in the dirt and in the creek!

  3. ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!! I love her pink boots and all that dirt haha.

  4. Dirty Bertie? Dirty Diva! Meant in a nice, clean way, though! SO cute!


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