Birthday and a Boat Ride

11:00 AM

 We've tucked another weekend under our belts. It was a busy one, but oh so much fun!

By the way, do you think I take too many pictures? You'd think she'd get used to me having a camera around at all hours of the day. Guess not.

But she always gives in and "works it" for the camera.

This was Friday after school. Thanks, Libby, for cheering on the Tide helping them win big over Penn State. Roll Tide!


This weekend our favorite dad and Papa had a birthday. We enjoyed celebrating with him. He is a blessing to us. And he loves us so much, makes me proud.

Sunday night we took him to dinner to celebrate.

This is my favorite picture from the night. Mimi, Libby and Papa - cuteness all around.

We ate at Ezell's. It's a catfish restaurant. There was a small john boat set up as a prop outside. Libby insisted on getting in. We all had to go for a ride. Made for some entertaining pictures.

Everyone got a turn in the boat. Funny!

 Papa opened presents and we enjoyed our dinner. But I think the best gift was Libby's behavior at dinner. She was quiet, ate her food and only asked to visit the restroom twice. She had to dig deep for such a great performance! Happy Birthday, Papa!

I'll be back to soon to tell you about my other adventure this weekend - a girls' trip to Atlanta. Have a great week.

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  1. Ezell's yum! Fried pickles!!
    Great pictures of a beautiful family~!

  2. Aww, how adorable!!! PS- you can never have too many pictures!


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