Girls' Weekend in ATL

7:00 AM

  The players: me, Kathryn, Daryn and Angel. All friends from college. All Phi Mu pledge sisters. We've made it a point to stay in touch since graduation and they entertain me so! 

Location: Atlanta, Georgia.

First an e-mail was sent between the four of us. After striking at least 12 potential dates with everyone's hectic schedules, the skies parted and God shined down on us -- there was a date that worked for all of us. Hallelujah!

Kathryn and I drove to Atlanta Friday to meet at Angel's house. Daryn couldn't join us the first night because she has the social life of a Kardashian. (But really, she does.) Angel, her husband Peter and their son, Will, hosted us Friday night.

*Side note: Will is precious!

After an evening of catching up and taking it easy, we put ourselves to bed to rest up for the next day. Daryn met us Saturday morning. We loaded up en route to our next destination, the W Hotel in Midtown. After checking in, we hit the streets.

It was game day and we walked to Hudson Grille to watch the Bama vs. Penn State game. There was a crowd of Bama fans. It was loud and it was fun! And we all loved this guy. He was the loudest, most belligerent Alabama fan I've ever seen. We enjoyed watching him lose his bananas after every play.

D and Angel wanted to have their picture made with him. He's in the middle. Nice.

Oh and Angel was excited about the Michigan State victory, as well. Go Sparties!

After the Bama game wrapped up, we walked back to our hotel to rest and get ready for dinner. We dined at Empire State South.

The best part of the weekend was just being with each other. We laughed...a lot. We laughed about old and new things. It was great!


Sunday morning we had brunch at Murphy's in Virgina Highland followed by a little shopping in the same neighborhood.

 I bought myself a pair or red Toms.

Breakfast and shopping was a great ending to our weekend of fun. Even though our time flew by, it was a wonderful to make memories with these girls that I love.

Thank you, Daryn and Angel for hosting us in your fabulous city! The memories the four of us have made over the years are precious to me. Thanks for putting up with me all these years. Love in our bond and Roll Tide!

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  1. Best blog post in a while! ;) Granted, I'm featured in it...but still, your witty comments (Daryn really does do it Kardashian style) and great pictures are always enjoyed! I had such a fun weekend and can't wait to do it again soon!

  2. Are you tight-rolling your pants?

  3. Bahaha, Kerri! Try skinny jeans that I cuffed. But thanks for noticing! ;)

  4. Awww! You and your friends all look so cute! I love that area of Atlanta!!!


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