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9:32 AM

Fall is almost here. Of course in the deep south, we know not to get our expectations too high for a long, cool fall. But we certainly look forward to it arriving every year - especially after the long, hot summers! I've been prepping my wardrobe in the chance that temperatures ever drop below 80 degrees.

First I am excited about these new cowboys boots. Drew has boots, Libby has boots, so I had to get a pair, too. Yee haw.

For my birthday (in May) Drew got me this monogrammed necklace. I have worn it a lot this summer. I love it.

So when I saw this necklace featured in an article in Southern Living I had to have it, too.

It's made by Moon and Lola and it comes a variety of bright colors. It would be cute to have a red one to wear to Alabama games or an orange one paired with anything navy for Auburn games. I chose the turquoise one, but I certainly could have gotten carried away.

So, I guess I'll put on my boots, layer my necklaces and wait for the fall weather to arrive...

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Cute boots. I have searched for boots for 2 years now, but my feet are so big that it's hard to find ones that don't look like skis!

  2. Oh I love those boots. I've been on the hunt for a pair of cowboy boots lately too.

    I commented back to you on my blog earlier about how much I love the September issue of Southern Living every year. Next to their Christmas issue, it's always my fave. You can count on great Southern football features & scrumptious Fall food. I ordered that monogrammed necklace too after seeing it in the mag - how cute are those!?!

    You're gonna look fabulous rocking those boots & that necklace on an Auburn or Bama Gameday. Hope little Libby has a blast this weekend!

    Roll Tide ;)

  3. Good evening from Los Angeles!

    Beth, as a fellow Belle with a love for Monogramms, those necklaces are so sweet! Dainty, simple, and beautiful...of course you need to get another one! Represent your school, honey.

    As for the boots, you'll have to let us know how cozy they feel when you're wearing them. I bet you'll look smashing. I've been toying with getting a pair, but I need to hear from someone who's breaking them in/wearing them. Let me know!

    Have a wonderful week and take care!



  4. Beth, You may remember my expose' on a certain unnamed shoe boutique in Cols that burned me on a pair of boots - those are the exact boots! :) I loved them...even though I never received them. :)

  5. I am looking in to getting one of those necklaces but I struggle picking out my actual initials. I have such an identity disorder LOL. My actual initials are KDW but my wedding stationery is KSW hehehe. Love the boots!!


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