Game Day - UA Style

12:30 PM

 Hello again, blog readers! Our month of busy weekends continued. This weekend's adventure was a trip to Tuscaloosa, AL to watch Alabama play North Texas.

Saturday morning Drew and I dropped Libby off with my parents and headed north to Birmingham. We picked up my friend, Kathryn, and were on our way to Tuscaloosa.

This billboard was the first thing I saw as we exited the interstate towards Tuscaloosa. This town survived a terrible tornado just five months ago. It gave me chills.

Speaking of the tornado, we rode right through the middle of town (15th Street) where some of the worst of the devastation occurred. And these areas have been cleaned up and they still look like this - sobering to say the least.

We also passed neighborhoods, now just empty, desolate land, that were heavily populated when I lived there. It was crazy to see open spaces that used to be houses where our friends lived when we were co-eds. Kathyrn and I agreed we needed to see those places and take in what happened for ourselves.

Once on campus we were able to meet up with friends and enjoy the game day atmosphere.

Our first stop was tailgating on the Quad. We spent time with our friend and former roomie, Michelle.

And we also met up with a group of Phenix City friends.

And I must praise Drew (the Auburn fan) for being a good sport for the day.

Thanks to my friend, Elizabeth, who now lives in Texas, we were able to get some really good seats! Really good, like second row. We were so close to the action!

Touchdown, Alabama!

And Kathryn might have made friends with the Mean Green Fighting Eagle. She was just showing the visiting team a little southern hospitality.

It was a great day at the Capstone. And even though my four years at UA seem like a lifetime ago, it is still is one of my favorite places to be. Stepping back on campus, passing the Phi Mu house, strolling the quad - being there brings it all back, like no time has passed.

Roll Tide and God Bless Tuscaloosa!

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  1. Those are some awesome shots from the game. Of course, they'd be better if they'd been shots of the Auburn Tigers. Poor Drew...

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog earlier Beth!

    My hubby is a Bama Grad so we'll have lots to talk about this season :) We were at Bama's opener, and you're right seeing Tuscaloosa up close takes your breath away. It's so much better since the weeks after the tornado, but devastating nonetheless.

    Roll Tide & God Bless Tuscaloosa!

  3. Another great weekend! So lucky to have two in a row with you! Roll Tide!


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