Game Day - AU Style

7:00 AM

No, this isn't a re-post. Different Saturday, different Game Day.

This weekend we switched gears, pulled out our orange and blue (well, no orange for me, I couldn't go that far) and headed to the Plains to see Auburn take on Florida Atlantic.

This was a very special day for our little family. It was Libby's first college football game...ever.

She was SO excited. But really, her father was the most excited!

We headed to Auburn early afternoon. Libby got the hang of tailgating in no time.

Playing with friends, fellow shipping and eating. Yep, she nailed it!

There was a big group of friends and we had fun. Here's a shot of all the girls at the tailgate spot.

About 45 minutes before kick-off we began our walk to the stadium. Drew was prepping Libby on all the cool stuff she was about to see. But honestly, she was only concerned with one thing - where Aubie the mascot would be.

Once in the stadium, she took it all in. She watched the band, made friends in the rows around us, evening enjoyed clapping along. She told me a few times that "they were too loud", but she never let it bother her.

Around half-time, Libby and I walked around the stadium to find Coop. She was on the front row in the north end zone. She had prime seats!

It wasn't long before Aubie, himself, made his way to us. Coop waved at him and let him know this was Libby's first game. He came over and posed for pictures.

Libby was elated! Who am I kidding? I was even excited to meet Aubie!

But our fun didn't end there. A few minutes later (and after some sweet-talking on mine and Coop's part) we made the HD jumbo tron...twice!

The second time Libby had a tight-shot. She was a star! My phone instantly started buzzing with friends letting me know they saw her. Drew said when he saw her larger-than-life debut he said, "That's my daughter." He was proud.


I could not have asked for a better experience for her first football game. She had a ball. It really is a special thing to pass on to your children. Of course there are more important things, like loving God, loving your family and being kind. But love of college football is certainly a special part of our lives in the SEC.

Auburn won big and we headed home. Libby didn't make it past three stop lights before she was out for the night. I'm sure she was dreaming of her new friend - Aubie the tiger.

Have a great week!

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  1. even though it was the wrong team, Libby's first gameday looked incredible! i mean, tailgating with friends, meeting Aubie, jumbotron...too great! And yes, passing on the love of SEC football ranks very high up there (very) :-) roll tide!

  2. This looked so fun and I know she had a blast! Sweet pictures and wonderful memories forever!

  3. War Eagle Libby! What an awesome first experience to have. I remember being that age at the games and my #1 concern was Aubie as well. Looks like y'all had fun!

  4. Oh my goodness, what a sweet post Beth. Libby is just too cute for words! I've been going to UGA games all my life and I don't think I've ever made the jumbotron, haha. You're right, there are more important things in life t teach children, but what a special day of fun with friends. Can't wait to see her at Bryant-Denny soon meeting Big Al! :)

  5. Good afternoon from Los Angeles!

    What a precious family! I'm so glad y'all had a wonderful time at the Auburn game. Your little Libby is so cute and I bet meeting Aubie was such a treat. Thanks for sharing such a special day.



  6. Oh my, Beth! What a true testament to your devotion as a wife and mother. Seriously!
    Such cute pics and so happy it all went superbly!

  7. I LOVE THIS POST!!!! What great photos of Libby at her first game. I love love love love love her with Aubie.

    And...I love that you rocked some navy blue :)

    War SEC Love!


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