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12:00 PM

It's official...Fall is here!

We had a great weekend. Drew was fishing on the Forgotten Coast so it was a girls' weekend. I've found that if we keep busy with activities, Libby is much easier to handle. She also naps hard -- and what Mom doesn't like that?

We had a good time at the high school football game Friday night. Libby enjoyed watching the cheerleaders and playing with some of her big girl friends. We made it to half time and headed home. As we were walking to the car she told me she was "very hungry and thirsty". So I threw nutrition to the wind and we drove through McDonald's at 9:45 pm for a Happy Meal. :)

Saturday morning we headed to Opelika with our friends, Beth, Allie and baby Harrison. It was our friend, Bence's, 3rd birthday.

The party was at Municipal Park. The park is tucked away in a historic neighborhood. Lots of trees, a quiet creek and best of all...a train!

The kids loved the train...well most of them did!

There were several playgrounds within the park. Libby and Allie played on all of them. So much fun!

Saturday night I went to dinner with a great group of girls. Our friend, Holly, was visiting from Tennesee. It was nice to catch up with her and share some good laughs. These girls are funny!

Something about the cooler temps gives me a (much needed) burst of energy. I put out fall decorations, opened windows and left my doors open to soak in the fresh air this weekend.

Happy Fall and make it a great week! 

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  1. Libby looks so cute in her pumpkin shirt! We did the same this weekend - opened up windows & decorated the house. Loving this Fall weather!

    Cute pics as always Beth.

    Have a great week!


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