9:25 AM

With the changing of seasons shoes.

Not only because of the change in weather, but because she's growing so quickly, I feel like I've been in shoe-shopping over drive for Libby this month.

First there were new Crocs, then new tennis shoes. Then I spotted these rain boots.

Had to have them!

And just like anything new that you love, Libby has found some creative ways to wear them.

I think it's safe to say she likes them.

Then she brought more new shoes home. We signed Libby up for dancing lessons this year. They are held at her school one day a week during the day. She gets to go to dance without me having to cart her there and back. Pretty smart, huh?

On Tuesday she wears her "dancing clothes" to school. Ms. Kelli, instructor from Center Stage Dance Studio, teaches the three and four-year-olds tap and ballet.

Last week her tap shoes were delivered. As soon as we walked in the door (literally - see it the door standing open?) she threw down her dance bag and put on her new tap shoes.

Then she showed me some of her moves.

I can't wait to see her first recital! Let's hope she brings this kind action to the stage when it's go time!


I'm so looking forward to the weekend. I'm headed to the beach with three of my favorite friends. Just us girls. I think know we will have a great time!

And I hope your weekend requires you to bring out some new shoes, as well!

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog!!! PS- which cat is that?

  2. I want a pair of those rain boots too...

    I tell ya, that little Libby is just a bundle of fun & cuteness.

    Roll Tide!

  3. Love it! Add shoe model to her resume. :)

  4. wow cute shoes, those gumboots are super adorable!



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