Fall Goals

12:37 PM

Welcome to a new week! I had a great weekend and can't wait to give you a full update on our girls' trip. Sneak peek: my abs hurt from laughing and we discussed "up dog" a lot. If you just asked yourself, "What's up dog?" then you just made my day! 

But the focus of this post are my Fall Goals. Ally @ Copacetic in Carolina challenged me to post some of my fall goals, so here goes:

1. Ramp up fall decoration and flowers around the house. I have put out the first round of fall decor, but after reading this month's issue of Southern Living, I have a new level of excitement.

2. Make Libby's Halloween costume instead of buying one. She has decided she wants to be a cat. And I think it's a fine idea! We already own a black leotard, tights and cat ears. Now I just have to track down a tail (which I will probably purchase) and Google "How to do cat makeup" and I think we'll be good to go.

3. Wear more scarves and fall clothing. I purchased several bold colored wraps/scarves last year on my trip to NYC. I've been learning lots of new ways to tie my scarves. Now that it's finally a little cooler, I'm breaking them out!

4. Plan and cook more meals at home. The cooler weather tends to make me nest. I tried a new crock pot buffalo chicken meal last week (thanks, Kelly) and I've been craving chili and taco soup. I think it's time to start making BIG pots of both. Mmmm.

5. Workout more. I'm not going to lie, the summer heat put a major kink in my walking schedule. However, I have a new walking partner, Jill, and we walk every Tuesday night. I've also made a goal to walk at least once a week on my lunch break and two times elsewhere during the week.

And Since Ally tagged me, I want to pass on the fun. So I'm tagging these blogger friends:

Can't wait to hear about everyone's Fall Goals! 

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  1. Oh dear, I may have to think about this one for a while!

  2. I can't believe I fell for that but yes, I asked myself "What's up dog?" Haha!

    I'm totally with you on goals 1 & 3 as well. I need to plant my bulbs, get another Camelia in the ground and start decorating pumpkins for the front porch. All the painted monogrammed & topiary pumpkin displays I'm seeing lately are calling my name! And as soon as the weather will cooperate I'm looking forward to bringing out some jewel tones & scark accessories in my wardrobe. Great idea!

    Can't wait to see Libby in her cat costume! And I'm excited about checking out a few of the blogs you listed as well.

    Great job on this post Beth! Have a great week :)

  3. Love your goals and at least it wasn't "downward facing dog". Oh the pressure of setting goals...hmmm....let's see... :)

  4. This is exciting! I accept the challenge. Let me think...


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