Blackberry Moments

10:00 AM

Remember when I did a "phone picture dump" a few months ago? Well, it's time to share more (extremely random) moments from the last few months through the eyes of my phone.

This one is from The Quad in Tuscaloosa, AL. Such a pretty, blue sky that day!

Good news, only half of my face is missing from this shot. This one was taken in Jordan-Hare stadium. My little family is quite cute. Even if Libby seems to be drunken from the gum she's chewing.

Oh, these are my latest snack obsession. It involves almonds, pecans and peanuts with coco powder and peanut butter. Do yourself a favor and buy a bottle.

I took this one during a break from a meeting at Lakepoint Resort State Park in Eufaula, AL. The main meeting area and restaurant overlooked Lake Eufaula. I want to go back when I can stay longer and go an RV, not on the ground.

 Drew took this one of me and Libby riding around the farm. Simple family fun, you can't beat it!
Told you it was random! Until next time...

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