Halloween 2011

7:15 AM

Halloween 2011 is behind us and we survived three days of activities, whew! Libby made a mighty cute kitty cat, don't you think?


The costume was her request and she played the part well.

The weekend started by having a parade at school where all the kids wore their costumes and collected candy.

 As we were getting dressed Sunday for a Trunk-or-Treat festival at Drew's parent's church she informed me that she'd already been a cat and wanted to be a zebra. I paused for a moment and politely told her she was going to be cat. After some persuasion, she went along with it.

When Halloween finally arrived on Monday she again informed me that she no longer wanted to be a cat, but a frog. Oh my goodness. I told her that wouldn't work and she was going to be a cat. Then she asked with such seriousness, "When will I get to dress up in a different costume?" I said, "Next Halloween!" (Don't feel sorry for her, she bounced right back and began meow-ing and running wild through the house.)

Trick-or-Treating was a lot of fun. We invited our family to come to our house since we live in a neighborhood that thrives on Halloween night.

We loaded up the girls and toured the neighborhood.
It was a busy weekend and we have a ton of candy to show for it.

It was a great holiday and I was completely exhausted by Monday night. I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving. No costumes (or costume changes), no candy and lots of good food!

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  1. What a sweet kitty! You did a great job on the costume!

  2. What a precious cat! I had a quick vision of you pasting white stripes on that costume, but you came up with a much better solution - stand your ground Mama! :))
    Thanksgiving will be a nice break!

  3. Good evening from Los Angeles!

    I only have a moment but I could not resist stopping by to tell you that your little kitty cat is too, too cute. I'm so glad y'all had a Happy Halloween.




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