The Cow Performs

11:45 AM

Friday morning was the big day - Libby's first Christmas program. Our family, along with at least two hundred other parents, filled the pews in the sanctuary at Libby's school.

The music started and in marched angels, sheep, shepherds, camels and cows.

We wondered how Libby would react to huge crowd. She is talkative and wild at home, but she tends to be shy when we are out in public.

She took her spot on stage. I was so proud!

But this is the face she made when she saw ALL the people. My mom and I were pinching each other. Drew and I exchanged looks that said, "Oh no!"

I have to give her credit, she pulled herself together. She stood still for a while, then managed to mouth the words to the first two songs.

Then she spotted us. We were on the second row. Oh crap!

The best comparison I can give is to think back when you were young and got sick or scared and finally laid eyes on your mom. You instantly burst into tears. That's exactly what Libby did. Her bottom lip poked out and she couldn't hold her emotions in any longer. It was so pitiful. I had a moment of mom-ness - do I rush to get her? Do I let her be? Drew and both waved at her, smiled and tried giving her the thumbs up. It was too late. She was too far gone. So I motioned to one of the teachers kneeling by the stage. She flew off the stage and curled up in the teacher's lap.

So she's not ready to launch a career in acting just yet. That's okay with us. The program concluded and she lived through it.

Funny, as soon as the stage cleared, she was carefree again.

She was happy to see her grandparents!

But apparently not happy to see me and Drew!

There was a cookies and milk fellowship following the program. This was Libby's favorite part. The child that was crying just moments before was laughing and excited.

Libby and her best school friend, Presley. Cute girls!

And to add even more confusion to things, my normally shy child asked to sit on Santa's lap. I was surprised, but agreed and took her to stand in line.

It was a precious morning, tears and all! I am one proud cow's mom!

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  1. Libby sure was a cute cow! I can totally relate to her. I remember seeing my mom and bursting into tears during more than 1 school performance. Heck, sometimes I still feel like bursting into tears if I'm in front of a large crowd:)

  2. This is too cute and too funny! Bless her little hear she did good for the first big show! :)


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