4:00 PM

December is in full swing around our house. The decorating has been done, shopping is on-going and Chris the Christmas Elf is back!

He's been all over the house during his first week back. Libby loves searching for him every morning. I wish I could say that he has encouraged better behavior, but not really. This weekend at dinner she wasn't doing as instructed and I said, "I can't believe you're not behaving, Chris is right there. Remember, he reports to Santa every night." To which she said, "No he doesn't! He's not going tonight." I'm pretty sure I rolled my eyes.

Libby's school program is this Friday. She is very excited. She will be representing our family proudly as a cow at the nativity scene. I just know she and her class mates will be cute!

I hope your December is off to great start. Remember to soak in each day because it flies past in a blur.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Brodie is big on our Elf watching, but I don't think he really buys it. Blayd could care less! :)


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