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10:27 AM

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing...until your clothes no longer fit and you feel fat. All part of the overall investment, yes. Last week was one of those weeks where big changes took pace. And by changes, I mean my belly has popped out and all my pants no longer fit.

I was missing my "normal" clothes and not loving the stretchy panel that adorns every pair of maternity pants. Then it hit me, I need to focus on other fashion accessories and not sweat the small...err big stuff!

Here are a few ways I've chosen to accessorize. 

First off, I painted my nails a lovely, dark color.

My mother asked me if I was "going goth". I promised her dark nails were in right now. I liked it so much I also painted my toe nails this color.

I've also tried something new to me - low lights. Long story short, my hair was a little too platinum blonde for my liking. I will always be blonde, I love it, but it was scaring me. So my hairdresser added some dark sections. I like it and it is a nice change for winter.

(I realized this the best shot of my hair from Christmas. I must try to hand my camera to other people more often. I have 234 of Libby and 2 of me. Noted.)
Once spring hits, I'll lighten it back up. But it's been fun to step out of my norm.

And my favorite accessory to play with has been pulling out my scarf collection. It's been cold and I love deciding which scarf to wear each day.

I usually wear my scarves like this:

Here are the steps:

Easy enough - it stays put and fits well under a jacket.

But my friend, Brook, taught me another really cute scarf-tying technique. Want to learn it?

You start the same way, folded in half and draped around your neck. Next you take ONE of the ends and put it through the loop.

Next you twist the knot you've created. Then you feed the other end through the loop.

 Lastly, tighten and adjust. The finished product:

It's a great way to spice up an outfit, or in my case, distract yourself from a (boring at times) maternity shirt.

And please feel free to share with me any other cute ideas that can liven up my wardrobe for the next 4 1/2 months.

Happy accessorizing, friends!

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  1. Good afternoon from L.A.!

    Oh, honey, I and every Mama out there understand about the sudden belly pop. It happens so unexpectedly you just don't know what to do! But what a great attitude you have. Focus on the many other wonderful things you have. I for one know I just learned a new way to fashion a scarf.

    Thanks for that!

    Have a lovely day...



  2. Oh Beth! Y'all are expecting? That is such terrific news!! My goodness, I decide to take a month away from the blogosphere and so much happens. Everywhere there's is an abundance of engagements & new babies, new houses, and a whole host of other great news. God is so very good!!

    I'm just so happy for you & your sweet family. Little Miss Libby will no doubt be a loving, doting big sister! I bet she is just thrilled. Many blessings for a blissful pregnancy and a happy, healthy baby!

    God bless! :)

    PS - thanks for the scarf tips - you look beautiful, doll!

  3. Oh I do remember those days! Isn't it amazing how quickly you pop out with baby #2?
    I just learned how to do that same scarf knot this year! I love scarves as I use them to distract as well - and I am not preggo!
    Hope your hair doesn't get the preggo weirdness, as mine would never take color the same when I was pregnant. I do high and low in the fall/winter and mostly high spring and summer.

  4. LOVING the low lights Beth! They look great! And I love the double knot scarf! I will have to work that one into my wardrobe as well. You make a seriously haute mama!! :)

  5. Wait. Are you pregnant?!? How did I miss the nig announcement. As you can see I'm so behind in my own blogging and reading as well!! CONGRATULATIONS!! How far along? How have you been feeling?

  6. I wear my scarves that way. It's different and I always have people ask me to show them how to do it.

  7. I'm wearing my scarf the same way as I type!

  8. I am still so excited that I made the blog.


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