Fifth Month

7:00 AM

I must admit, I haven't blogged about this pregnancy as much as I would like. I certainly think about it all the time, as I am the one carrying the baby. So I plan to post pregnancy updates as a way to keep my out of towners up-to-date and to document my second pregnancy.

I'm 22 weeks along. We found out two weeks ago that we're having a girl. So here's the rest of the story.

Baby is the size of: a squash - about 11 inches long and almost a pound.

Symptoms: Feeling pretty good. Have occasional heart burn and a LARGE bottle of Tums on my night stand.

Maternity clothes: Maternity clothes mixed in with leggings and empire waisted tops.

Sleep: Still getting decent sleep. I am confined to my side, no more stomach sleeping.

Fun moment(s) this past week: Day dreaming about raising two girls.

Movement: She moves a lot at night. I feel flutters once I get still in the bed.

Food cravings/aversions: No particular cravings, just hungry!

Gender & Name: Girl and no name yet.

Weight gained: 11 lbs.

What I am looking forward to: Decorating the nursery and converting Libby's room into a "big girl" space.

Libby couldn't stand it, so she got in the shot with me. Proudly displaying her five. Thanks, Big Sister.

I'll be back with more stats as I continue along this most interesting journey of pregnancy.

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  1. You look awesome! When I was pregnant I was pregnant EVERYWHERE.... from my head to my finers to my toes.

  2. You & your little baby bump look beautiful Beth! I can't wait to hear more about your plans for the nursery & Libby's room.

  3. Shew!... Im just glad to see that your clothes matched!! haha You look great, keep the prego pics coming!

  4. You look fantastic! I love your little bump! Rub the belly for me!

  5. Beth,

    You look FABULOUS!! And your little side kick, Miss Libby is precious! :)

  6. Your beautiful Beth, but you always are! I don't understand why my pregnancy seemed so slow and all my friends pregnancys always seem fast!


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