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6:01 AM

Happy Valentine's Day blogger friends!

We got a jump start on celebrating since the holiday falls in the middle of the week.

Libby and I worked on her class Valentine cards this weekend. They featured Dora. They said romantic things like "Let's run" and "My Friend". That better be all my almost-four-year-old is wanting to do with her school mates, run and be friends! ;)

She thoughtfully selecting a card for each friend in her class. It was cute to watch her ponder over the cards and make a final decision.

She also took this opportunity to scrape in the loot from her grand parents.

Look at all the good stuff! Balls, crayons, puzzles, she even got some clothes for spring! 

Drew and I had our Valentine's Dinner Saturday night. Look at that cute couple! This is prior to us stuffing our face. Good meal!

XOXO! Love, Beth

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  1. Libby is STINKIN cute! Love her with her goodies. :)

  2. I live vicariously through all of Libby's holiday presents, haha! That girl always gets the cutest things.

    Hope you all had a fun Valentine's day together. Just think, this time next year you'll have 2 pretty little girls covered in hearts & pink :)


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