Sunday Fun Day

10:10 AM

April is here! I'm in my 30th week of pregnancy and we're all holding on tight for a busy month.

We had a social weekend. Saturday we hit birthday parties and an Open House at Drew's work. Libby enjoying seeing so many of her fans. ;)

Sunday she participated in the Palm Sunday service. We haven't attempted any public performances since the Christmas program meltdown. It scarred us all pretty deeply. Libby's been attending Cherub Choir at church and when her teacher sent the announcement about the children performing I was excited, but worried. We dropped her off in the choir room Sunday before the service and exited quickly so she wouldn't have time to think it over. She was all smiles. Drew and I actually made bets on how long she would last. (Yes, good parenting, we know.) And much to our surprise, she did GREAT!

The children marched up and down the isles at the church waving palm branches. I tried to blend into the walk when I realized they'd be passing right in front of me. Thankfully, she didn't notice me.

And this is about the best picture I have of the actual performance. I didn't grab my "suped up" lens because honestly, I didn't expect her to stay on stage. But she jumped and waved her hands and sang, "Hosanna". It was really cute! And Drew and I stand corrected, she can handle an audience. We praised her good work and are eager to see how she'll do in future performances.

After lunch, nap and a trip to the grocery store, Libby and I joined Drew and some of his buddies for a boat ride on Lake Oliver. His boat usually stays in Apalachicola, but he brings it up each year to work on it and get it ready for fishing season.

It was a pretty evening on the water. Libby enjoyed the ride and asked lots of questions. One of her favorite cartoons is Jake and the Neverland Pirates so riding on the boat lead her to lots of nautical questions. They were cute.

We stopped for a little fishing. She joined right in.

She is her father's fishing protege. He said at least three times last night, "I can't wait to take her fishing in Florida this summer!" He is so proud that his little girl loves to fish. He's been on the hunt for a left-handed kids' rod and reel. But they don't seem to make them. However, Libby seems to do just fine casting with her right hand. She's a natural like her daddy.

We'll get to enjoy the boat a week or so before he takes it back to Florida. I predict some evening boat rides in our future. And I have no complaints about that. Neither does the mini-fishing diva. 

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  1. Oh my, Miss Libby is growing up! What a trooper and big girl to bounce back from the Christmas Play.

    Palm Sunday is one of my favorite services of the year for this very reason. What's more precious & powerful than to see little ones who love Jesus, wave palms & shout "Hosanna!" as we prepare for Easter? Not much. So proud of Libby! Wishing you all a blessed Easter :)


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