Easter Recap

10:30 AM

Holy Smokes!

And I do mean HOLY! This Holy weekend was jammed-packed for us. But I must say it was wonderful. We are blessed, no doubt about it!

We started early in the week, kicking off Easter celebrations with my parents Monday. The weather has been so nice that we decided a family boat ride was a must before dinner.

After a delicious meal of ham and all the fixins, Libby sort through her Easter goodies from Mimi and Papa.

These were her favorite item from her bucket. She has worn them to bed every night. I'm not sure when I'll be able to wash them because she won't part with them long enough to put them in the dirty clothes hamper.

Saturday morning we attended an Easter Egg Hunt at church and two birthday parties the same day (more pictures to come). 

Easter morning the Bunny hopped by our house.

He left candy and few cute things for Ms. Libby.

After running defense and only allowing Libby two helpings of candy, we all got ready for church.

We attended a great service at Crawford Baptist Church. The service was uplifting and it was so nice to see old friends. I love the excitement on Easter morning - everyone in their Easter best so happy to see each other. It's a nice feeling.

Libby and her great grandmother, Motsie, before lunch.

After lunch and naps, more family joined us. It was time to hunt eggs. Funny, the Easter Bunny out at the farm leaves dollars in some of his eggs. He never does that at our house.

The girls sorted all their eggs and money and got to open more Easter goodies from their grandparents. Libby got even more (fun and girly) goodies. Purses, bubbles, cute outfits and more. Goodness at all the gifts she collected over the week - jackpot!

It was truly a wonderful weekend. Tired cannot even begin to describe how I felt as I started laundry at 10 o'clock Sunday night because it just had to be done. But I'll take a little fatigue in exchange for the sweet memories that were made.

Thank you Jesus for rising three days later! That is one gift that no bunny can promise. Happy Easter, everyone!

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  1. I know the same wonderful feeling and spirit you show in your pictures and describe in your recap!
    LOVE Easter!!
    Miss Libby is adorable and you look great! You should have done a side view baby bump preggo pose...with an egg on top of your belly :)

  2. Libby is just so precious! I love seeing all these sweet pictures. Sounds like yal had amazing Easter week.

  3. Wow, that is some amazing Easter haul of presents. What a lucky (and blessed) girl! :) And Beth, Libby's Easter dress is absolutely darling. So glad y'all had such a wonderful Holy week together!

    Amen - thank you Jesus for your saving grace!


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