Egg Hunt

12:37 PM

Saturday morning of Easter weekend Libby got the chance to do some egg hunting. Did I mention she was excited?

The preschoolers got to hear about the Easter story and sing songs while the bunnies hid eggs. Then they let the kids loose.

Fun, fun! She collected a bucket full!

And got to hang out with some of her favorite peeps!

Look at these three cuties! Ethan, Libby and Allie.

I really enjoyed this hunt. I thought it was well-organized and unchaotic like some we've been to. Each child was able to take their time and hunt at their own pace. Or if they are Libby, walk slowly from egg to egg! But even at her relaxed pace, she loaded her bucket to the brim.

Another special memory to add to the long list. :)

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  1. Boy do I miss the days of Easter egg hunts! How fun :) Libby always looks so adorable & dons the cutest clothes. I just love her pink sandals! So glad she had such a fun Easter.

  2. I realize our kids are small, but it seems like egg "hunts" have become egg "gathering" over the years. We had to search high and low and even climb trees when I was a kid. Now they just run around and grab them up.
    Oh well, it is still fun! ;)


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