Turning Two

3:00 PM

Happy Birthday to my niece, Cayden.

We rung in her second year last weekend with a fun afternoon on the farm with family and friends. Oh, and this really fast, cool, probably kind-of-dangerous roller coaster toy. AWESOME!

It's been fun to watch the girls grow and play together. Girl cousins are fun. Especially when they ride the Gator with you and just hold on for the ride with no complaints.  

The girls will have a new playmate in less than two months. I never would have thought we'd have three girls four-years-old and under in my family. Maybe we can strap her in the cargo bed of the toy Gator? No matter what, it's sure to be a fun ride!

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  1. Those 2 are so cute together!

    We live in a subdivision, and I clearly don't need one, but I've been begging Jeff for 2 years to get a gator. They look like so much fun! Plus I think they'd make sitting in Charlotte traffic bearable.

  2. What sweet and pretty pics of the girls!


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